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“Divine Destruction”

MCD 2002


1. Intro

2. Sweet Revenge

3. Eyes Of Apathy

4. Into The Fires Of Hell

5. Divine Selection

6. Exelution

7. Dawn Of Destruction



“Curse Of The Undead”

MCD 2005


1. R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces)

2. Disemboweled And Devoured

3. Curse Of The Undead

4. Flesh Possessed






“Altar Of The Old Skulls”

Split-album feat. DEATHEVOKATION + KINGDOM. Containing complete “Curse Of The Undead”-MCD.

Released by Obliteration Records / Time Before Time Records in 2007.









“...Where They Bleed”

MCD 2006/07

Available as German and Australian pressing on Asphyxiate Recordings.


1. Intro

2. ...Where They Bleed

3. Crypta Crawler

4. Obscure Mortification

5. Cross Me Fool (RAZOR-cover only available on Australian pressing)




“Exiled In Pain”

Compilation 2008

Obliteration Records


1. Intro

2. ...Where They Bleed

3. Crypta Crawler

4. Obscure Mortification

5. R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces)

6. Disemboweled And Devoured

7. Curse Of The Undead

8. Flesh Possessed

9. Divine Selection

10. Exelution

11. Dawn Of Destruction

12. Eyes Of Apathy

13. Into The Fires Of Hell

14. Sweet Revenge

15. Day Of Carnage*

16. In Torment*

17. Mangled To Shreds*

18. Left For The Tomb*

19. Slaughter Of The Innocent (REPULSION-cover)*

20. Cross Me Fool (RAZOR-cover)

*Previously unreleased




“Adrift Beyond”

Full length 2010

Xtreem Music


1. The Calling

2. Adrift Beyond

3. Into Eternal Sleep

4. Evocation Of The Dead

5. Nevermore

6. Torn

7. Impurity Of Thoughts

8. Cursed Astray

9. Exelution

10. Silent Dementia

11. Crypta Crawler

12. Silenced

13. Enter The Crematorium

14. Toxic Mutilation

15. A Hallowed Sacrifice

16. Passing...

In Torment Tape
MANDATORY Ripped From The Tomb preview 2

“In Torment”

Compilation feat. “Curse Of The Undead” + “...Where They Bleed”!

Tape released by Dark Descent Records in 2010. Vinyl version to be released in 2011!!







“Ripped From The Tomb”

Full length 2003/2012

Ablaze Productions


1. Divine Selection

2. Exelution

3. Day Of Carnage

4. Into The Fires Of Hell

5. Deeds of Death

6. Beyond The Veil

7. In Torment

8. Under The Unhallowed Mark

9. Eyes Of Apathy

10. Dawn Of Destruction

11. Sweet Revenge


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