WINTER 2012/2013: MANDATORY  are working on the brandnew, third full length album and preparing live invasion for 2013!!

AUTUMN 2012: MANDATORY finally - after a decade in the grave - unleash their original first album “Ripped From The Tomb” upon mankind!!! The album had been produced in 2003 and is released via Ablaze Productions!! It features 11 tracks of darkness and death!! Turn it up - bang your heads !!

SEPTEMBER 2011: MANDATORY are working on the brandnew MCD “Mandatory Death” and the next full length album!! Also the official release of the previously unreleased first album from 2003 is in the making!!

DECEMBER 2010: MANDATORY have started working on the next full length album!! Most parts of the album are already written!! Expect a killer album in early-to-mid 2011!!

DECEMBER 2010: Compilation “In Torment” (feat. old MCD material) released one tape by Dark Descent Records!!

OCTOBER 2010: Brandnew K.I.L.L.E.R. shirts available!! Check ‘em out an order yours!!

OCTOBER 2010: More great reviews coming in!! 11/12 @ Ancient Spirit Terror, 9/10 @ Hell-Is-Open, 8/10 @ Rock Hard (GERMANY), 5/6 @ Pure Metal Radio!!

AUGUST 2010: “Adrift Beyond” gets first killer reviews! Check out Media-section!!

AUGUST 2010: MANDATORY finally about to re-release old MCDs on vinyl and tape soon! Stay tuned!!

AUGUST 2010: First fan-made video for brandnew riffwall “Nevermore” done by a self-dedicating maniac from Croatia! Added to the Media-section!!

JUNE 2010: Xtreem Music announces the official release of “Adrift Beyond” for July 1st 2010!! The CD release will be accompanied by the the release of a brandnew shirt (see SHOP-section for further info) in limited quantities as well!! So be fast as a shark or ride the lightning!!

JUNE 2010: Brandnew songs uploaded on MySpace. MANDATORY scores about 1000 plays in less than week - even before the official release of the album!!

MAY 2010: Mastering and overall production of “Adrift Beyond” finally completed!! Watch out for a killer album of classic, raw Death Metal in Summer 2010!!

WINTER 2009: Tomas Skogsberg mixes “Adrift Beyond” in the legendary Sunlight Studio!!

SUMMER 2009: MANDATORY signs 2-record-deal with Xtreem Music. Thanks go out to Dave Rotten for believing in the band!!

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