MANDATORY was founded in summer '01 by Sascha Beselt (guitars/bass/keys) and Stinne (drums/vox) for the love of raw and straightforward Death Metal in the vein of the early 90's.

The first MCD "Divine Destruction" brought strong reviews in mags and webzines all over the planet.

The same line-up also recorded the next release "Curse Of The Undead" (2005) as well as the latest MCD "...Where They Bleed" in 2006/07. Both CDs again brought great reviews and feedback worldwide and led to a collaboration with the Australian underground Death Metal label Asphyxiate Recordings that also released "...Where They Bleed".

In January 2008 Obliteration Records released a fat compilation entitled "Exiled In Pain" featuring every release so far plus unreleased bonus material. 20 tracks in total!!

In July 2010 MANDATORY finally released the full length album "Adrift Beyond" via Xtreem Music. An epic masterpiece of classic melodic Death Metal mixed by the legendary Tomas Skogberg at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm!! Don't pass this one up!!

In late 2010 Dark Descent Records rereleased the old MCDs “Curse of The Undead” and “...Where They Bleed” on tape.

2012 saw the release of the original, 2003-produced debut full length “Ripped From The Tomb” via Ablaze productions. After a decade in the grave this album finally saw the light of day!!

MANDATORY are currently working on the thrid full length album and preparing future live invasions.

Support the underground and keep on rottin' !!!


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